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Introducing our fatbikes

Designed to ride difficult, snow-covered or even rough roads, fatbiking is the discipline for all adventure lovers. Winter or summer, make yourself an explorer by going off the beaten track with the help of the fatbike’s wide, low-pressure tires. What’s more, all enthusiasts, big or small, can find the perfect fatbike thanks to the range of sizes available in store and the personalized advice services of our specialists.

Vélo-Station also offers an excellent fatbike rental service, simple and affordable. Our experts will suggest the ideal bike for you according to your size and experience. Come see us on site or give us a call to plan your next outdoor adventure!

Are you planning an event? The Vélo-Station team will travel with our impressive fleet of fatbikes and of course, with all the protective equipment you will need during the day. For more details, come see us in store or call us to speak with one of our employees. We will be happy to answer you!

Our children’s fatbike

Check out our great selection of fatbikes for kids! Devinci, Rocky Mountain or Spherik Bikes: you will find trusted brands to please all young fatbike enthusiasts.

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Our adult fatbikes

Browse our selection of fatbikes for adults! Snow, mud or gravel, the fatbike is designed to follow you wherever you go thanks to its wider wheels. Our wide range of brands (Specialized, Devinci, Trek and Cannondale, etc.) are suitable for all levels and budgets.

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Our Rental Service

Vélo-Station offers fatbike rental for children and adults: perfect for a day outdoors! Our specialists will offer you the ideal fatbike according to your size and experience.

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Vélo-Station is also a qualified team

Not only does the Vélo-Station boutique offer you the best selection of bikes in Quebec, but it also provides you with the best team there is.

Want to discover a new cycling sport? Our team will guide you to the perfect choice to explore it.

Thirsty for change or improvement? Our specialists will know how to modify your current bike to take it to a whole new level. Need a simple repair?

Don’t worry: the Vélo-Station team will put your equipment back in good condition so you can get back on the world. What are you waiting for?