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Introducing our road bikes

Perfect for enjoying Quebec’s charming landscapes, our quality road bikes allow you to see the country and are accessible to all. Our large selection of brands (Specialized, Devinci, Trek, Cannondale, AVP, etc.) is suitable for all levels and outings. Whether it’s for a fun ride or to improve its performance, our specialists will guide you to the right road bike for your needs. From high-end to affordable, our range features bikes for every budget. Looking for an improvement? Customization of your road bike is also available. Take it to the next level with high-performance wheels or a more comfortable seat. Visit us in-store to speak with one of our passionate experts.

Our Road Bikes

Check out our huge selection of road bikes! Specialized, Devinci, Trek, Cannondale, AVP: you will find the biggest brands to please all cycling enthusiasts.

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Our gravel bikes

Check out our great selection of electrically assisted road bikes! Specialized, Devinci, Trek, Cannondale, AVP: you’ll find well-known brands to appeal to all cycling enthusiasts.

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Our hybrid road bikes

Browse our selection of hybrid road bikes! Halfway between road and mountain bikes, hybrid road bikes appeal to those looking for versatility. With brands such as Specialized, Devinci, Trek and Cannondale, there is something for every enthusiast.

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Vélo-Station is also a qualified team

Not only does the Vélo-Station boutique offer you the best selection of bikes in Quebec, but it also provides you with the best team there is.

Want to discover a new cycling sport? Our team will guide you to the perfect choice to explore it.

Thirsty for change or improvement? Our specialists will know how to modify your current bike to take it to a whole new level. Need a simple repair?

Don’t worry: the Vélo-Station team will put your equipment back in good condition so you can get back on the world. What are you waiting for?