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Presentation of our children’s bikes

Awakening a child’s passion for cycling is possible and easy with Vélo-Station. Our shop has a wide selection of children’s bikes and accessories in stock to adapt the activity of cycling to the little ones: a wonderful way to introduce them to this sport on two wheels. Bicycles for toddlers, strollers, trailers, the whole family will find something to their liking. What’s more, today’s most popular brands (Specialized, Trek, Cannondale, AVP, Thule, etc.) make sure they offer top-quality products to give your family the best of everything. Are you hesitating about which bike or children’s accessory to choose? Don’t worry, our specialists will guide you to the ideal choice for your needs and budget. With Vélo-Station, the passion for cycling will become, like us, a family affair. Discover our products!

Our children’s bikes

Since every member of the family deserves to have the perfect bike, Vélo-Station has equipped itself with a fabulous collection of children’s bicycles. Between AVP, Trek, Cannondale or Specialized, the choice is vast and varied, which will suit all needs and budgets. Check out our great selection of children’s bikes!

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Our strollers

Browse our selection of Thule running strollers! Perfect for families on the move, running strollers allow you to take your children on all your sports routes or city walks.

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Our bike trailers

Explore our range of bike trailer ! Safe and easy to set up, our trailers allow you to leave with your toddlers with complete peace of mind. Choose the perfect trailer for you from our range of styles, sizes and brands such as Thule and Damco in store.

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Vélo-Station is also a qualified team

Not only does the Vélo-Station boutique offer you the best selection of bikes in Quebec, but it also provides you with the best team there is.

Want to discover a new cycling sport? Our team will guide you to the perfect choice to explore it.

Thirsty for change or improvement? Our specialists will know how to modify your current bike to take it to a whole new level. Need a simple repair?

Don’t worry: the Vélo-Station team will put your equipment back in good condition so you can get back on the world. What are you waiting for?

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